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How To Unleash Your Most Awesome Self teaches how to break away from the soul-sucking, self-sabotaging, joy-stealing patterns of behavior that are holding a lot of people back from their most awesome self.

This book shows how to transform from within in order to change the world around you. Using a straightforward and honest approach, Marko Valerio reveals the easiest way to upgrade anyone's mindset and supercharge their thought processes.

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6 Tips For An Awesome Life

#1: Stop Chasing False Happiness

Most people pursue a path that doesn’t give them the kind of happiness they actually want.

The more they go in this direction, the more dissatisfied they are with their lives - and they don’t even know it!

So, it’s time to unlearn the false myths that get in the way of true fulfillment and meaning. When you make a simple but profound adjustment to your mindset - and how you view the world - you’ll quickly infuse your life with a deeper sense of purpose.

#2: Deal With Life’s Challenges Like a Boss

Everyone has their ups and downs. But why do some people seem to handle those storms in their lives better than others?

How do those people THRIVE under pressure and come out looking (and feeling!) like a million dollars?

When it comes to staying happy and successful in spite of what life throws at you, there’s no secret “hack” or short-cut. All you really need is a Mindset Makeover to flip your worldview on its head.

Once you look at challenges and suffering for what it actually means in your life, then you’ll effortlessly handle one curveball after another - all while staying happy and grounded.

#3: Turn Your Thoughts Into Powerful Forces

How much do you mind your mind? This is something 90% of people never ask themselves, and they pay the price for it.

If you take your thoughts for granted, they’ll end up control you - instead of the other way around.

Being your most awesome self means mastering the ebb and flow of your thoughts - which is surprisingly easy to do.

By developing crucial but low-maintenance habits, you’ll easily take charge of your thoughts and turn your mind into an instrument of REAL change.

#4: Blast Through Negativity and Reclaim Your Personal Power

Who hasn’t felt powerless against negative thoughts and emotions? One of greatest challenges of being human is mastering the chaos of our inner world.

The good news is that you can train your brain to overcome negative thought patterns and keep it from hijacking your mind. All you need to do is adjust your mental pathways to cultivate a naturally positive mindset.

This way, you can take control of that negative energy and channel it into healthier, more productive avenues.

#5: Harness The Power of Unstoppable Belief

Belief is the bridge between thought and reality. If you can see it happen it in your mind, then you can take whatever you desire and bring it out into the real world.

By giving your personal belief system a serious boost, you can produce the results you actually want in life. Not only that, cultivating a powerful set of beliefs will ALSO remove those internal limitations you’ve unknowingly built over the years.

This will put you on the path to becoming the person you’re truly meant to be!

#6: Get Up Close And Personal With Your Best Self

A lot of people think they know who they are, and what they’re capable of. But in reality, their perception is clouded by a series of obstacles that they don’t even know were there.

Take this opportunity to go on an eye-opening journey of self-discovery and remove those obstacles in the way of your best self.

After that, you can take it even further by uncovering what you really want, and unlocking your power to achieve it. This is a straightforward process that not many people know about, so this is your chance to transform into the most awesome version of yourself.

How To Unleash Your Most Awesome Self

Optimize Your Mindset, Harness Powerful Thoughts, and Make All Your Dreams Come True





Here's a little story about me...

My name is Marko, and I’m not a guru, teacher, life coach, or psychological expert.

What I am, however, is an ordinary father and husband who recently hit 40.

Now, a lot of folks look forward to entering a new decade in their life… but NOT me.

In fact, I downright dreaded hitting the big “four-oh,” but not because I was getting old.

For me, it seemed like I had nothing to show for after being on this planet for four whole decades.
As a partner to my wife and parent to my kids, I felt like I could do way better by them.

Plus, my social life was practically non-existent mostly because my 9-to-5 job (as opposed to an actually fulfilling career) took up most of my time.

Meanwhile, the people I went to high school and college with were living fabulous lives.

I felt a mixture of resentment and jealousy every time I scrolled through my social media newsfeed.

I thought to myself, “Here are a bunch of folks who pretty much had the same opportunities and resources that I did growing up… and yet I’m the only one living a mediocre life!”

So over the last several years leading up to my 40th birthday, that thought gnawed away at me like a pesky rat, burrowing deeper and deeper in my mind.

Day in and day out, I had burning questions on my mind, such as:

“Why am I so mediocre?”

“Why can’t I be as successful as everyone else?”

“Why don’t I have my act together like other people?”

“Am I going to be like this until I die?”

“What’s my true purpose in this world?”
Like I said, this went on for years. Maybe it wasn’t as bad in the beginning, but eventually, that inner voice grew louder and louder until I couldn’t ignore it anymore.

It distracted me from my job, my life at home, and just about every area of my existence.

Before I knew it, my performance at work tanked, and my personal relationships eroded as well.

Part of me realized that if I kept wallowing in self-pity, resentment, and uncertainty…

…I was soon going to find myself jobless, without friends, and no longer living with my wife and kids.

I had to do something, and FAST. Taking this lying down wasn’t an option - not anymore, at least.

The stakes were too high for me NOT to take action.

So like any other anguished soul looking for answers, I went online. I set out on a quest for the truth - my personal truth - in a desperate attempt to pull out that nagging splinter lodged in the back of my mind.

Never in a million years did I see myself getting into the whole self-help/personal development deal…

...but there I was, hunting down every book and resource available…

...not to mention digging through different online forums to find other folks like me.

So in my quest for knowledge, I met a group of incredible folks who were in the same boat as I was.

I fell into that rabbit hole for weeks on end, and it felt like time stood still during that period in my life.

But when my soul-searching sabbatical ended, I wasn’t the same person anymore - but I mean that in a very good way.

You see, not only did I learn tons of new and life-changing insights about myself and the world around me…

...I also formed an incredible connection with people who understood and LIVED through the same pain I had.

These were people who were way more successful and established in their fields than I could ever hope to be. On the surface, they made six and even seven figures a month, traveled around the world, and lived incredible lives.

But like me, they too had the same emptiness and despair that gnawed away at them.

This blew my mind.

How could THESE people - who were very much like my high school and college friends - feel anything else aside from happiness and fulfillment?

Looking back, it was silly of me to assume that successful-looking people don’t have their own struggles.

But being in the dark as I was, I lacked the perspective to see that.

In any case, this took everything I knew about how the world worked, and turned it on its head.

As it turned out, they also felt like they were living a mediocre version of themselves. They knew deep in their heart that they should be doing something MORE.

There was a part of them longing to be free.

And for the next twelve months or so, I slowly but surely came up with a method to break away from this internal crisis I had.

Using the knowledge and mind-blowing insights that I gleaned from my research - along with the hundreds of interviews I did with my newfound friends...

...I figured out a way to Unleash My Most Awesome Self.

The great thing was that I still stayed true to who I was.

If anything, I got to know the REAL me, more than ever. I realized my authentic (and totally awesome) self was buried under a ton of doubt, fear, insecurity, and beliefs.

So after I made a subtle but powerful shift in my state of mind… outdated ideas of what I could and couldn’t do crumbled away into nothing.

Suddenly, all that stuff holding me back wasn’t there anymore, and I could do anything and everything I wanted.

Then I took this method I put together and shared it with my friends as my way of saying “thank you” to all of them.

I was grateful to have found these extraordinary people and hoped what I learned could give them some perspective and help them.

I couldn’t have predicted what happened next...

After I sent them my personal compilation of insights that I learned - as well as my approach to achieving that mindset shift I mentioned earlier...

...I didn’t hear back from them for a few weeks.

But after that brief lull, they responded one by one.

One of them said:

“Hey Marko, I spend the last couple of weeks going over the stuff you sent me… and I have to say it changed everything for me… and I mean that in a very very GOOD way! I finally quit my cushy high-paying job of 15 years and started up my own business. Also, things are so much better between me and my wife, she said I’ve changed so much and we’re arguing way less than before. How on earth did you come up with this??”

Then another one told me:

“After reading through your guide, everything’s so clear to me now. At first I didn’t think it would change anything...but now I can’t believe I didn’t see any of this before! I didn’t realize how changing my perspective would open me up to amazing new things. That feeling of feeling stuck finally went away. I learned the hard way it’s not always about the money… now I’ve got so much to live for than busting my tail managing my business. Thanks Marko!!!”

This one made me chuckle:

“I don’t know what you did to me Marko, but I want to thank you for helping me get over my crap! Everything’s so different now… even my husband and two teenage daughters said I’m much more fun to be around LOL!”

And here’s another one:

“Hi Marko! Thank you SO SO much for your email! I feel so inspired now, but beyond that I ended up taking action and made REAL progress with my personal goals! I ended up mapping out everything I wanted to do over the next year but as early as now I’m making so much progress. I think you knocked something loose in my head to be honest. Everything that used to bother me doesn’t anymore and that negative noise in my brain suddenly switched off. All those excuses I had are gone too. I can’t explain what happened, but thank you again!”

My friends said that every aspect of their life changed, whether it was their career, business, personal and professional relationships, or even their health!

Like me, they had shifted their outlook in a subtle but powerful way - and lived better lives because of it.

But what really struck me was this particular reply from another friend:

“Marko, you need to SHARE this with more people. I really think you can help a lot of folks with what you’ve done... If you could help me change my perspective in such a big way...then I’m 100% sure you can make the same impact on other people too!”

And so here we are today.

If there’s anything else I’ve learned from my eye-opening experience, it’s that I want to reach more people and upgrade their mindset.

More than that, I want to help as many people as I can to finally come face to face with their Most Awesome Self and set them FREE!

Empower yourself with the tools to build the life you want, develop an unstoppable mindset for unlimited success and growth, and transform your mind into a powerful instrument that will create lasting change.

This book shows how to transform from within in order to change the world around you. Using a straightforward and honest approach, I will reveal the easiest way to upgrade anyone's mindset and supercharge their thought processes.

This will help cultivate and strengthen key habits that form the pillars of a new and improved life.

So, get ready to clear out unhelpful thoughts, limiting beliefs and harmful biases that are holding back your most awesome self.

This allows the mind to be dialed into the best wavelength that naturally creates success, happiness and fulfillment in every area of one's life.

Once the foundations of a rock-solid mindset are in place, it becomes easier to power through negativity, put happiness-killing myths to rest, and demolish any other obstacles in the way of your true potential.

How to Unleash Your Most Awesome Self goes beyond simple motivation - this book offers a way to thrive and succeed even without it.

Discovering the stronger, healthier, happier and more successful "you" is waiting to be unleashed - take the next step TODAY...

How To Unleash Your Most Awesome Self

Optimize Your Mindset, Harness Powerful Thoughts, and Make All Your Dreams Come True





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